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Veg Box Scheme

'We have to stop buying across continents and start buying next door. It may cost you a little more but it will cost the enviroment a lot less.'
NEW FOR 2009!
In early May 2009 the new business will be 'kicking off' .........we hope.
scilly veg
The idea is to supply vegetables, herbs and, where possible, fruit all year round at a very reasonable price to islanders. The boxes would be delivered once a week to your door and you would have the choice of paying weekly or monthly.
 Enviromental Credentials
All the produce would be grown organically. Veg will be packed in re-usable boxes which would be pickedbike with trailer up when the next box is delivered. Delivery will be done by bicycle with trailer so no fuel wasted on the delivery and food miles would be non-existent. Also you would be saving on freight from St Mary's or the mainland.
The veg boxes will contain as wide a range as possible of in season produce; every time the range available changes you will be issued with a list in your box with the new range on it so you can decide what you would like in your next box. If you would just like a selection then you will get a bit of everything. Also, if you would like to cancel your box for a week or two while you are away on holiday just give us a week's notice and it will be arranged; likewise, if you are only here for a few weeks but would like to receive fresh, local produce just get in touch and, subject to availability, we can arrange it.
There will also be the opportunity to buy a range of extras like free range eggs, chutney and jam!
Depending what is in season the boxes will include a selection of the following:sweetcorn
Carrotsrunner beans
Swiss Chard
Sweetcorn 'corn on the cob'
Mixed Salad Leaves (mizuna, rocket, mustard, ect..)rhubarb plant
Runner Beans
French Beans
Fresh Garden Peasstrawberries
Broad Beanspeppers
And much more...........
If there is anything you would particulaly like let us know and we'll have a go at growing it!
Also in the future we hope to be able to supply some fruit though it will take a little longer to establish....But we will be planting some Apple trees, Gooseberry bushes and Strawberries this year, Rhubarb will be available the first season.
Veg Boxes
Mini Box (for 1 person) £6the polytunnel
veg boxMedium Box (for 2 people) £9.50
Family Box (for 3-4 people) £12
Mega Box ( for 5+ people) from £15
If you are interested in signing up for our box scheme send us an e-mail on: [email protected] or ring on 07900142079.

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