Flowers and Potatoes

In the past, the farm had been one of the most productive holdings on the island, producing not only winter flowers but also tomatoes, grapes, potatoes and apples for sale. However, by 1975, the land had become "derelict." We beat our way up the main pathway, slashing at nettles, brambles, bracken and elm sapplings. Gates had rusted, hedges taken over the tiny plots, the barns near fallen down. 

Over the next fifty years, we slowly worked at clearing the undergrowth, establishing a market garden, fencing paddocks for the goats, sheep and cows and erecting tunnel greenhouses and barns and workshops. From early on, we also  sought to produce flowers and crops to provide a small farm income. Today, our middle son, James, carries on the island traditions growing flowers, not only narcissi for the winter but also pinks during the spring and summer months. He also produces the potatoes which supply both the cafe and Adam's Fish and Chips. We also have a small stall selling excess garden produce.