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 We are a small family run business in the Isles of Scilly. We specialise in made-to-measure, comfortable footwear at an affordable price. The shoes are made from natural fibres including pig skin lining, leather, and plantation crepe. There is a large range of styles, sizes, and colours to choose from.There are shoes and sandals suitable for both formal and informal leisure wear. For more details and our online shop, visit
windpowerGreen Energy: Since Little Arthur began, we have always been committed to the use of 'green energy'. A Rutland windcharger has long been the hallmark of our workshop, its whirring blades standing out above the rooftop providing us with light and power.
pic 11Natural Rubber: Raw rubber is exuded from certain latex-producing trees as a response to injury. The latex is produced by making a series of spiral cuts halfway round the circumference of the trunk, allowing the fluid to collect in cups. Not only is natural rubber a comfortable, durable material, it promotes the protection of forests on whose survival our planet depends.
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